Many books available here:

The Secret History of the Mongols - translated by Francis Woodman Cleaves, 1982, Harvard University Press, ISBN 0-674-79670-5 The story of Chingghis Khan as told by Mongols shortly after his death. Scholarly translation which is well documented

The Travels of Marco Polo : The Complete Yule-Cordier Edition by Marco Polo, Henry Yule (Translator), Henri Cordier (Editor) Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486275868 (vol 1) & 0486275876 (vol 2) Third Christian envoy to keep such a journal. While many people discount him as being prone to exageration and embellishment, some points raised against him are easily disputed. He was unaware that it was common practice to use foreigners as ambassadors and ministers. Secret History refers to ponies with Unicorn like deformity.

Chinggis Khaan Atlas - Dambyn Bazargur, Ph.D., Dambyn Enkhbayar, State Administration of Geodesy and Cartography, Ulaanbaatar, 1997, no ISBN

Mongol Tolbo - newsletter of the Mongol-American Cultural Assc., Inc. Issue 18, Jan. 2000 - Food Legends of Mongolia by Biligbaatar Mongols invented ice cream, yogurt, sausage and possibly pizza?

National Geographic, Vol. 190 No. 6, Dec. 1996, Genghis Khan by Mike Edwards

The Mongols - by David Morgan, Blackwell Publishers, 1993, ISBN 0-631-17563-6

Storm From the East - by Robert Marshall, BBC Books, 1993, ISBN 0-563-36338-X

Khubilai Khan, His Life and Times - by Morris Rossabi, University of California Press, 1988, ISBN 0-520-6740-1

The Devil’s Horsemen, The Mongol Invasion of Europe - by James Chambers, 1979, ISBN 0-689-10942-3

Mongolia’s Culture and Society - by Sechin Jagchid and Paul Hyer, Westview Press, 1979, ISBN 0-89158-390-4

The Mongol Warlords: Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Hulegu, Tamerlane – by David Nicolle, 1990, Firebird Books Ltd., ISBN 1-85314-104-6 Specific Sources

The Mongols, Men-At-Arms Series #105 - by S. R. Turnbull, Osprey, 1980, ISBN 0-85045-372-0

When Silk Was Gold, Central Asian and Chinese Textiles - by James C.Y. Watt and Anne E. Wardwell, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1997, ISBN 0-87099-825-0

Mongolian Folktales - by Hilary Roe Metternich, Avery Press, 1996, ISBN 0-937321-06-0

The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History, 4 th ed., R. Ernest Dupuy & Trevor N. Dupuy, Harper Collins Publishers, 1993, ISBN 0-06-270056-1 chap. XI The Age of the Mongols: 1200 - 1400

Mongolian Studies - Journal of the Mongolia Society, ISSN# 0190-3667, vol. XIX, 1996 Wounds in Medieval Mongol Warfare: Their Nature and Treatment in the Secret History With Some Notes on Mongolian Military Medicine and Hygene - by Sophia C. Kaszuba Book review of Mongol Costumes by Henny Harald Hansen - by Peter K. Marsh This is a scholarly journal published by Indiana University.

Military History - Mongol Invasion of Europe by Erik Hildinger>

A Spoken Mongol - English Dictionary - by Lama Chimpa, Visva Bharatai University, 1975, no ISBN

Mongol Costumes - by Henny Harald Hansen, 1994, ISBN 0500015856 NYPL call # 3-MMR+ 94-10015 Tipis & Yurts - by Blue Evening Star, Lark Books, 1995, ISBN 0-93727-88-7

I am currently in search of these books:

Japanese Invasion Scroll Story of Mongol attempt to invade Japan as seen by Japanese. Includes detailed pictures of Mongols in battle against Samurai. There are many references and pictures in other works but not yet seen a published copy available.

The successors of Genghis Khan - by Rashåid al-Dåin òTabåib Written by the official IlKhanate historian. This is the entire section of his World History dedicated to Mongol history. He was alleged to have access to a non surviving official history of Mongols kept exclusively to ethnic Mongols of period.

Historia Mongolorum - Carpini First of Christian envoys to Mongol Empire. First European to travel to Asia and return alive in 200 years. Gathered much Intelligence on Mongol culture while on mission to convert the Khan.

A Journey to Eastern Parts of the World - Rubruck Second Christian envoy to keep a record of his travel to Mongol Empire. Went seeking to enlist Mongol support against Muslims in the Crusades of the 13th century.