Subedei Qorchi

Lord Conor O Ceallaigh

Jimi Lee is a systems programmer (computer nerd), supporting mainframe operating systems and networks. He’s been a member of the SCA since 1990 and has been doing stained glass since 1993. In January of 1998 he became an apprentice to Robert Lennox, owner/operator of Stained Glass Imagery, Staten Island, NY. He splits his spare time between the SCA and working at Stained Glass Imagery, where he is learning the intricacies of stained glass restoration under the guidance of Mr. Lennox. Since beginning his apprenticeship, Jimi has worked on several major restoration projects which includes:

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Lord Conor O Ceallaigh (OSag, AoA, GrandMaster Bowman, Former Captain of Archers of the Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom) is the youngest son of an Irish clan chief living with a Mongol tribe (The Silver Horde) in the Crown Province of Ostgardr (East Kingdom). Seeing no means of inheriting lands or titles from his father, except by committing fratricide, he took what small inheritance he would get and struck out on his own. A French merchant woman that traded in the Far East hired him as a bodyguard. On one excursion to the Orient, the group of bodyguards he hired to protect his employer mutinied. Hard pressed, Lord Conor was able to kill the 12 guards by virtue of his archery skills. As he was doing this, a patrol of the Silver Horde witnessed this feat and reported it to their Khan, Gulugjab Tangghudai (Puppy Khan). The Khan of the Silver Horde, impressed by the report, ordered his men to bring Lord Conor and his employer to him. After demonstrating that his prowess with the bow against the mutinying guards was no fluke, the Khan made Lord Conor an honorary member of the Horde, naming him Subedei, after a famous general and bestowing on him the title of Qorchi. This title, literally Quiver Bearer, is given to the best archer in the Horde who is responsible for all archery activities in the Horde.