Mounted Archery

"General Method for Shooting on Horseback
As powerfully as if chasing the wind,
The eye moves like a bolt of lightning,
Draw the bow, immediately loose off the arrow,
The eye is fixed unblinking,
Your body and your equipment as solid as rock,
Don't lose your momentum,
Loose off the arrow with determination."
     -Archery Manual of Wang Ju, Trans. Stephen Selby


Kassai - Horsebackarchery

Mounted Martial Archery

Horseback Archery Competition, kassai010922.mpg - (132mb)

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Further reading:

1Archery Manual of Wang Ju, translated by Stephen Selby and cited in his book Chinese Archery. The background is the accompanying illustration from a Sung Dynasty printing.

Lajos, Kassai. Horseback Archery. Hungary: Gyomai Kner Nyomda Rt., 2002.

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