Uncle Khubilai Wants You!

"Uncle Khubilai Wants You!"

Join Us!

Do you shun the small corner of the world known as Europe, preferring to wander the Steppes of Asia in search of greener pastures? Do you welcome a culture that does not discriminate against religion or gender, respects strong family traditions, protects the environment, has the highest technology of its day, world class art and trade, and the largest Empire the world has ever seen? Do you see the SCA as both an opportunity for unparalleled historical study and a chance to party like it's 0999?

Then you are a likely candidate for The Silver Horde.

We welcome artisans and warriors alike.

* And for the single ladies, the Khan's harem has several positions available! *
(disclaimer: This is joke! This is not a requirement for joining the Silver Horde. Serious requirements are listed below.)

What do we look for in new members of The Silver Horde?

Active SCA member

We are an SCA household so we are interested in members who are interested in the SCA. We, as a group, have diverse interests and do not restrict our membership only to those who follow one of our particular artistic interests. Rather, we welcome anyone who can enrich our experience and contribute to the SCA as a whole.

New to this whole reenactment thing?

If you are someone who is completely new to the SCA, or any form of living history group, we can help. We are happy to assist new members in getting involved. We can teach martial activities such as heavy weapons combat and archery, and many diverse arts, or guide you in pursuit of a new field on your own.

Having fun

As serious as we take our activities in the SCA, we don't forget that the SCA is a game. We look for new members who know how to have fun.


We take a very liberal approach to how your persona needs to relate to our group. We prefer (but do not limit) our members to have a persona of a central Asian nomad. Alternately, members can have a persona of one of the multitude of cultures that were either conquered by, or directly traded with, the Mongols. Finally, for those members who insist on a rare backwater persona that had no contact with Mongols, we are happy with them maintaining an alternate persona for the occasions we present ourselves as a group.


We span the territory of several Kingdoms in the SCA. The core of our group is centered around The Crown Provence of Ostgardr (New York City) in The East Kingdom, but we have members who journey far and wide with clans as far as Aethelmearc and Trimaris. We are pleased to welcome riders from distant Steppe, but insist that members have some interaction with our group. Contact us to discuss any special situations.

What do you need to do to join The Silver Horde?

Meet us

First things first, we need to meet and get to know each other. Come to an event with us or come to our practice. Send us an email. Visit our camp at Pennsic. We want to know who you are before we start talking about membership.

Get a Sponsor

Every prospective member has to have sponsor who is there primary contact with the Silver Horde. This is someone that a new member can turn to for advice. This person is also held accountable for your actions so it is someone with whom you must earn their trust.

Go on watch

Being on watch is like a trial membership before becoming a regular member. It gives you as much an opportunity to watch us as it does for us to watch you. Watch generally lasts six months to a year, during which time we can get to better know each other while you participate as a Silver Horde member. When the time comes, you decide if you are still interested in joining and if so, we decide if you have proven yourself to be a valuable member.


When you are put on watch, you are also given a quest to fulfill. It is decided at the Khan's discretion, with your personal situation kept in mind. It will be something challenging and personally rewarding. We feel that the accomplishments of our membership reflects on our accomplishment as a group and this is a great way to get started.

Sound as simple as riding a Yak?


Ride, don't walk, to your nearest Ger, don your Deel and Gutal, hurry your herds, and stake your home with our horde today.

Send inqueries to Puppy

© 2003, by Luigi Kapaj, in the SCA: Gülügjab Tangghudai (Puppy)
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